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In this section we talk about the nuts and bolts of your private practice.

We cover issues such as your premises, key equipment, insurance and document management; helping you to run your business smoothly and successfully, now and in the future...

1. Find the right premises

Understand the costs involved, the importance of location, whether you should buy, rent or work from home and some advice about subletting.

2. Office administration

How to deal with all the paperwork and be more efficient – covering issues such as filing, document management, data protection and shredding.

3. Office equipment

Invest in the right equipment, including computer hardware, telephones and other useful equipment to run your business efficiently.

4. All about IT

Discover the software that will help you run your business, including Practice Management Software, Customer Relationship Management, encryption, apps, and cloud computing. Read our independent software reviews.


5. Essential services

Why you need professional and business insurance; whether you need an office assistant and why a PO Box may be useful.

Is there anything else you’d like to see in this section? Let us know by sending us an email.