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New download – exclusive to members

We’ve just added a list of rehabilitation companies to the members only area of the Hub. The list contains names, numbers and addresses of all the companies in the UK who instruct therapists to carry out medical reports and rehabilitation … Continue reading

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Review of Safenotes

We’ve just carried out a review of Safenotes, a confidential online record system for therapists. You can read the review here. Do you use Safenotes? Or, do you prefer other software? Perhaps you prefer to rely on paper notes? Client confidentiality … Continue reading

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When client confidentiality and emails don't mix

Client confidentiality is one of a therapist’s greatest concerns, for both ethical and legal reasons. When it comes to emails, many of us can feel like we’re treading on slippery ground. No matter how careful we are, mistakes can happen: … Continue reading

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An introduction to insurance for therapists

Do you want to understand insurance better? Insurance is often viewed quite negatively, but it can be the difference between losing your livelihood or not, whilst being essential in promoting a professional image to the outer world along with protecting … Continue reading

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What value do you place on a new enquiry?

Few businesses can afford to miss telephone calls and for busy practitioners, spending their working days in and out of clinic, capturing all incoming enquiries is a familiar challenge. Gordon Matthews is co-founder and therapist at The Clerkenwell Group, incorporating … Continue reading

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