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The Nun and The Sun Lounger

Early on in my psychotherapy career, I took some training in hypnotherapy. Every profession has its signifiers; it’s tools of the trade. Doctors have stethoscopes; policemen used to have those rather distinctive helmets; hypnotherapists, I reckoned, need a metronome and … Continue reading

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Make Your Working Life a Little Simpler

Having a busy day with clients is great, but what happens when the phone rings? It’s an age old dilemma. You know how important it is to deliver a quality service to your client, but you don’t want to miss … Continue reading

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When will I see results with SEO?

This article has been written by our business partner TherapySites. One of the most common questions we get from clients is: How long does it take to get results with SEO? SEO can be a significant financial investment for many practices, … Continue reading

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How To Get More Leads

There are many potential ways to get new clients, but only two ways that have little risk and almost always produce rewards. These two methods are especially key when starting a therapy business. But they’re also beneficial if your business … Continue reading

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Options & advice on assistive technology, equipment and driving for all ages

Each year the William Merritt Centre hosts an exhibition in Leeds for assistive technology and equipment for disabled children and adults, their families and carers and healthcare professionals. Year on year it grows in numbers of exhibitors and attracts more … Continue reading

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Should I work from home or should I rent a therapy room?

That’s always a question that professionals ask themselves. Working from home may seem the easier choice at first. There are no worries about paying for rooms that you may not use, or travelling time / cost. You can decorate your … Continue reading

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Here’s one way to save up to 30% more time in your day

Imagine your practice transformed. Imagine up to 30% more time in your daily workflow. Imagine scoring that is both faster and more accurate. Imagine actionable test results delivered immediately. Imagine test administration that’s more personalised, more engaging, more flexible, but … Continue reading

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