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The 6 reports you need to effectively manage your practice

Managing a health clinic is much more than just working hard and trying to get your team to do the same. We’ve all heard the adage to “work smarter, not harder”, but what does this actually mean? In a lot … Continue reading

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Optimising your CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a necessity as well as an opportunity. Most professional bodies require a minimum level of CPD hours each year: British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy mandates 30 hours, as does National Citizen Service, while the … Continue reading

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AIDAN : WebHealer’s approach to growing a therapy practice – Part 5

This is the fifth of a series of six articles written for Private Practice Hub by Phil Hulme of WebHealer the specialist provider of websites to professional therapists. The series started in July with an overview of AIDAN, WebHealer’s approach to helping … Continue reading

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Can’t stop, won’t stop: Preventing accidental email data breaches

People send emails to the wrong recipients for any number of reasons. A common cause is Microsoft Outlook’s autocomplete functionality, with people accidentally selecting the wrong name without realising – for example, it is very easy to accidentally add ‘Emma’ … Continue reading

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The most efficient way to write treatment notes

Well written treatment notes are one of the keys to providing effective service and achieving the best outcomes for your clients. But there’s no denying… they can be painful to write! Of course, this means treatment notes can often be … Continue reading

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What’s Your 20:20 Vision?

Yes, I asked “What is your 20:20 vision“, not “Do you have 20:20 vision”! Because this blog post is not concerned with your eyesight (sorry, though I do hope it’s okay!); this blog post is actually concerned with your FOREsight! … Continue reading

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