Do you need a DBS check?

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is a UK Government department of health which owns the safeguarding policy for vulnerable groups. DBS (formerly known as CRB) is a criminal records check to prevent unsuitable people from working with children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups such as the mental health service providers and the NHS. DBS checks are a mandatory requirement by many employers and organisations that help make safe recruitment decisions.
There are four levels of the criminal record checks available from the Basic Disclosure Check (called a basic DBS check) and a Standard DBS.  These two checks can be done by anyone, and don’t necessarily need to be completed by a registered organisation.
The two types of checks an individual or a self-employed person cannot apply for without being a registered organisation are the Enhanced DBS Checks (excluding barred list check) and the Enhanced DBS Check (including child and/or adult barred list checks).  For more information on processes and the documentations required, please visit  the UK Gov website here.
Anyone working with vulnerable people need to have the enhanced level checks and the approval for this may take longer to process if it needs to be sent to the Metropolitan Police for further investigations.
If you are self-employed working for yourself full-time, part-time, on a voluntary basis or an occasional basis with vulnerable groups as a counsellor, psychotherapists, psychologists, coach, NLP practitioner, massage therapist, nutritionists etc. you will need an enhanced DBS if you don’t already have your clearance.
In addition, you may want to check with your professional indemnity and public liability insurer to check if your policy requires a DBS certificate. Some insurers like Holistic Therapy Insurance and Towergate Insurers require you to have a DBS.
The benefits of having a DBS:
– Promote your services as DBS cleared
– Clear proof that you don’t have a criminal record that could hinder your practice
– Safe guard your practice against potential threats
– Promotes security and trust to your clients
– Records updated yearly and current
– You meet the government’s safe guarding policy
– You meet your liabilities insurer’s conditions, if applicable
You can contact Vanessa Emile if you have further questions via email on at vanessa@vanessaemile.co.uk.
To complete your DBS application, please contact the following organisations that can carry out all checks and certify you.
Disclosure Services

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4 Responses to Do you need a DBS check?

  1. Hi Vanessa, please could you clarify what I need in regards to DBS clearance in private practice ? I already have an enhanced one (dated 19/01/18) for a paid position in a charity I currently work for. Am I right that this lasts upto 3 years?….
    So do I need a separate DBS for private practice & what type, apparently I cannot apply for an enhanced one myself?…. I will be working with adults in my practice & have just applied for indemnity insurance from Holistic Insurances Services. Lots of questions!
    Kind regards

  2. Mary wood says:

    Hi, I have recently set up my own holistic massage business working from home. I may also be going voluntarily to a Memory Cafe to offer massage to dementia sufferers and their careers. Do I need a DBS check. I have always had one for my work as a nurse, but realise that the checks have to be done for a specific purpose.
    Thank you
    Mary Wood

    • Private Practice Hub says:

      Congratulations on setting up your new business working from home and that is wonderful that you may be offering massage to dementia sufferers and their carers. As the guidance for what jobs require a DBS check varies, we would recommend calling DBS on their helpline 03000 200 190 so that they can look at your specific case and give you advice. We wish you well with your new venture. Louise @ PPH.

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