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Do you know what you would do in an emergency?

Have you ever thought what you would do in an emergency? Or how you would inform your clients if you are too ill to work? The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre in Swindon have recently launched their Crisis Plan & Professional Will Service and in the event of an emergency, crisis or serious illness they can be your nominated service to contact your clients to let them know the situation.

They provide a nationwide service as all information is held securely online and your clients will be contacted by phone and email.  If holding sessions are needed, then a therapist will be selected from the list of approved therapists provided by the person who holds the plan.

The system is simple and efficient in line with BACP recommendations for Good Practice.

·         In the event of an emergency, crisis or serious illness they can be your nominated service to contact your clients to let them know the situation.

·         They provide all paper work online including instructions and will cover all necessary issues.

·         It is specifically tailored to your wishes.

·         They can offer guidance and support should you need it.

·         Their fee is £7 per month for up to 25 clients

An example of a time when this plan could be actioned:

The Emergency

A colleague at The Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre in Swindon had a household accident while cooking. She needed to go immediately to Accident and Emergency.

The Service

She was able to make one phone call to the nominated service who immediately took care of informing all of her clients. This relieved her of the pressure and responsibility for her clients.

What the clients were told

She had previously chosen what was relayed to her clients in the event of an emergency.

Holding Sessions

Some of her clients asked for holding sessions with an alternative therapist while she was away. The service was able to choose an appropriate person from the list she had provided as part of the plan.

BACP states:

Clinical wills

“What is a clinical will, and do I need one for private practice?”

A clinical will, or therapeutic will, is a document detailing arrangements to be implemented in the event of a practitioner’s death or serious incapacity. The aim of a clinical will is to minimise problems for clients, colleagues, referring agencies and supervisees in the event of a personal crisis, where therapeutic contracts are disturbed or ended prematurely. Consequences arising from such a crisis can be considerable, and cause extreme difficulties for clients. By putting in place a plan whereby a trustworthy individual such as a supervisor can notify others as required, disruption can be minimised as far as is possible.”

An individual person such as a supervisor, colleague may find this an onerous task to take on alone especially if there are many clients or if they are emotionally affected by your emergency.

All details will be kept securely online in accordance with GDPR.

Email Christine on christine@tcpc-swindon.co.uk for more information or click here to buy the plan.

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