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Hypnotherapists – how many clients do you see a week?

We’ve just had an enquiry on our Facebook page from a hypnotherapist who is working on a business plan.

He’s asked us whether 15 clients a week seems like a realistic prospect. He has a website and will be regularly attending networking events, as well as writing press releases and so on.

If you’re a hypnotherapist, or indeed work in any CAM field, could you let us know roughly how many clients you see a week – and how quickly you built up to that amount?

Please do share your thoughts below!

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2 Responses to Hypnotherapists – how many clients do you see a week?

  1. I see more than 15 clients per week consistently and achieve this number easily after less than 6 months. In fact my business has grown so much that I have to turn some people away and I am thinking of getting an associate. It is entirely possible to replicate my business model but if you are lacking marketing or business skills then you are going to be in for a hard time!

    • avatar Private Practice Hub says:

      Thanks Martina, agreed. Are you a member of our Linkedin group? I think our members would value your experience and advice. It’s called ‘UK Therapists in Private Practice’.

      Best wishes,


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