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Managing anger for goodness’ sake

As a mental health professional, you’re no stranger to the destructive force of mismanaged anger in patients.  Anger, stress and shame are triggers which can corrode families and relationships, damage physical and mental health and lead to self-destructive behaviours.

Training the trainers – Diploma in Anger and Stress Management and mindfulness.

In association with the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM), The Anger Academy in West Sussex was launched to help arm teaching trainees and healthcare professionals with the tools to help desperate individuals to identify and manage these challenging behaviours.

The Anger Academy offers psycho-educational training courses, including the hugely effective BA1 and BA2 programmes.  The Aggression Prevention Training Model (APT) created by BAAM Founder, Mike Fisher, is a unique and innovative approach to the management of stress and anger.  Using a variety of psychological intervention techniques to identify and understand the source and triggers of anger, the APT model aims to:

- Identify destructive patterns
- Deal with stress positively
- Achieve a commitment to mindfulness and change
- Identify traumatic experiences and self-beliefs which unconsciously shape behaviours

With six month diploma courses beginning in June 2018, places are limited.  To take the first step of your journey toward becoming an Anger Management and Stress Specialist, click here.

For press enquiries, contact: fishermike@mac.com

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