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Do you want to know more about running a business to support your private practice?

Hello and welcome to the Private Practice Resources From the UK Podcast hosted by Gordon Brewer from The Practice of Therapy.

Gordon Brewer from The Practice of Therapy has been in practice as a licensed therapist for more than 15 years. Today he has a thriving group counselling practice and an online platform The Practice of Therapy full of helpful tools and resources in the US to help therapists build and grow a successful private practice.

Gordon hosts a podcast featuring our very own Private Practice Hub Founder, Geoff Simons as a guest speaker. They discuss how therapists often go into practising therapy before knowing how to run a business and talk about some of the benefits and many free resources available to help therapists run their private practice. Discussions continue around UK licensing and key differences between practicing in the UK and overseas. Later, Geoff talks about his website Private Practice Hub and the new chatbot technology he is working on for therapist’s websites, and explains some issues with online therapy.

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