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Practise makes perfect, but do you really want a perfect practice?

Running an independent psychotherapy practice is an exercise in developing humility. How many times each week do you shift uncomfortably in your chair as you listen to a client describing their thoughts and feelings, and reflect that at least some … Continue reading

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Animals and Children

Although WC Fields reckoned you should never work with animals or children, I’ve been exploring the benefits of working with both lately. One of the great advantages of working in private practice is that you can make up your own … Continue reading

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8 Top Tips On How To Build a Successful Private Practice

Starting in private practice can be a daunting challenge, but is also a very exciting opportunity with very rewarding outcomes. I think it’s fair to say, being a talented and skilled counsellor /psychotherapist (mastery) is only half the battle – … Continue reading

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When will I see results with SEO?

This article has been written by our business partner TherapySites. One of the most common questions we get from clients is: How long does it take to get results with SEO? SEO can be a significant financial investment for many practices, … Continue reading

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Here’s one way to save up to 30% more time in your day

Imagine your practice transformed. Imagine up to 30% more time in your daily workflow. Imagine scoring that is both faster and more accurate. Imagine actionable test results delivered immediately. Imagine test administration that’s more personalised, more engaging, more flexible, but … Continue reading

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7 Quick Tips On What To Prioritise When Starting Up

Sophie Wood runs Buzz Web Design and Consultancy helping therapists working in private practice with digital marketing, so you’re free to provide the best therapy service to your customers. The advice in this blog post is based on the real-life … Continue reading

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How APPy Are You?

I love gadgets and gizmos, electronic bells and whistles, providing it doesn’t take a lot of effort to work out how to use them. Consequently my iPad home screen is a graveyard of all the apps I’ve downloaded, tried for … Continue reading

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Breaking the boundaries: can Physiotherapy work online?

When most of us think of Physiotherapists, we think hands-on therapy. Helping with injury, surgery recovery or focusing on easing the pain of specific conditions. That’s why it’s no surprise that many of us, and even Physios themselves, find it … Continue reading

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Press Release :The William Merritt Centre

The William Merritt Centre announce new addition to their AccessAbility Exhibition Following the success of The William Merritt Centre’s AccessAbility Exhibition in 2017, it is excited to announce its plans to make 2018 bigger and better by the addition of … Continue reading

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Find Your Unique Selling Point

As a health practitioner it can be difficult to find out how to position yourself to stand out in a crowded market. This is your USP or unique selling point. As more and more therapists are offering much the same … Continue reading

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