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Top 10 website providers for therapists

This article was written by Phil Hulme at www.webhealer.net

If you are looking for better placement on Google for your website you may find this list of top 10 website providers useful. It is based on Google performance using search analysis carried out in December 2018.

WebHealer has specialised in websites for professional therapists for over a decade and although we have competition we have always sought to distinguish ourselves by our commitment to delivering results for our clients. Apart from good design a crucial factor for success is Google placement and we decided to put our claims to the test in December 2018 with a rigorous analysis of Google’s first page for search phrases valuable to private practice therapists. The simple question was this:

Who’s customers occupy the most space on Google’s first page for therapy related searches?

Geoff at Private Practice Hub agreed to inspect and verify our methodology and results but for those who are curious perhaps even sceptical (understable in the age of ‘fake news’) this is how we carried out the research.

  • We chose a random selection of phrases based on real target phrases that our own clients have targeted for top placement. If we had only a handful of clients this might introduce an unfair bias but with our customer base of many thousand we not only have geographic and therapy type presence throughout the country but inevitably we have a bias towards the more competitive areas where top placement is toughest. This makes for a more realistic challenge rather than spreading searches equally between London and Gretna Green for example. In practice many searches were London based as expected. In total we had a list of over 350 search phrases.
  • We used web browsers in multiple locations to avoid bias. None of these are where our offices are based which removed the ‘search history’ factor and in addition we reset our browser between each search to ensure that search results most closely resembled those of an independent person searching the web.
  • We captured the address of each of the top 10 websites for each search and removed duplicates, newspapers, associations and media in order to focus on private practice therapists
  • We identified all major website providers (general ones such as Wix as well as specialists such as ourselves) and counted how many times each provider was represented in the top 10 list.
  • We excluded the developer version of WordPress which is used by specialist developers and therefore does not meet the affordable provider criteria but after consideration we retested and included the online self-build tool WordPress.Com.

We sought to carry out this search with as much integrity as possible and are pleased that, after being given sight of our raw data, Private Practice Hub endorsed our methods and results. All that remains is the results.

1.            WebHealer                 468 mentions
2.            WordPress.com           81 mentions
3.            Wix                               74 mentions
4.            SquareSpace               56 mentions
5.            Weebly                         46 mentions
6.            Health Hosts               31 mentions
7.            1 & 1                           12 mentions
8.            Therapy Web Genie   11 mentions
9.            WebTime                     10 mentions
10.          Yell                                9 mentions

Popular website builder tools that failed to make the top 10 include those from domain registrars like 123Reg as well as Google Sites. This emphasises the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) when building a website to generate leads. Specialist SEO expertise makes a big difference and those who wish to be the absolute number one in a competitive area and have a budget of £75 – £200/month would generally be better off going to an independent specialist. They will probably do better than the providers above. For those with a budget in the £10 – £20/month range and targeting placement somewhere on page one you may find the above a useful shortlist.

Webhealer is a specialist provider of websites to private practice therapists and is preferred supplier to members of leading therapy associations.

The research referred to above is also reported on WebHealer’s blog

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