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I am feeling unbelievably anxious about the future for my family. It is making it hard for me to concentrate and focus on my coaching.

08 August 2019 Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

These changing times are testing all of us. It is testing who we are at deep levels and asking us to consider life scenarios that frankly range from midly worrying to appalling. So it is no surprise that you are anxious about the future for your family. As a coach we are required to get over to our clients side and put aside our direct concerns and anxieties. In the case of our current situation though we are all in the same society. Many of the issues we face as a country and as a species affect us all. None of us will be untouched by Brexit or the climate crisis. It just is not possible no matter how much we try to make it otherwise.

So in your coaching you need to decide who you are. What you stand for and follow that truth.

Your first stop is with your coach or coach supervisor. In that place, assuming you have a supervisor who can cope, you need to get your whole self and experience present and work through the emotions and the options. You need to work out how to integrate your perspective with the role of coach. This may present difficulties with your clients as you may not want or indeed be able to effectively coach people who are more part of the social problems than the solutions. See my blog here. That′s a tough thing to realise but you have your own mirror to look into to find your sense of integrity and your clients need to align with who you are.

Good luck.