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Be your own Coach this Christmas and be in great shape for 2020

12 December 2019 Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

I am sure you have noticed what a really really crazy year it has been. You don’t need me to list the issues.

Now, as we approach Christmas, the question is how are we going to find some respite and renew ourselves for 2020. Renew ourselves we must. I don’t like the word ‘must’ as it sounds kind of directive but I am deliberately using it these days in certain contexts.

We are facing a new year, 2020, which is unlikely to be less challenging than 2019 for any of us. We world citizens are all in the same boat as all our fates lie in a converging set of rapid changes. From environment to AI to political change, it is all coming.

So the name of the game is getting ourselves fit for purpose. What is that purpose? Who are you going to be as a coach in the next year? I have no idea but what I do believe is this. Coaches are needed. Badly. People need support. They need places to go and safely process the changes, the difficulties, the sorrows and of course the joys. Coaches, because they are non directive (at least the ones practicing professional coaching) are potential calm ports in the storm and vital connections to self understanding and self development.

So coaches, you need to be in shape! In all ways! We are not immune. We get stressed, have difficult days, forget self care and sometimes just sometimes think we are superhuman. I don’t know about you though, I don’t want a stressed out coach. I want a coach firing on all cylinders, at the top of their game, ready to get down into what I need to do to find the next step and build my life of service.

So ask yourself this. Are you in peak condition as a coach and would you hire yourself? If you hesitate then take that as a cue to make this coming Christmas about getting yourself into the best shape you can be.

I said this to someone recently and they looked at me horrified! Their Christmas was one of satisfying everyone else before themselves. This is a confusing ethic of Christmas. Yes, self forgetting is a good thing, yes, giving to others is a lovely thing to do and yes, not being self centred is a worthy position. However, as they say about flying with kids, get your own oxygen mask on first as you being unconscious will not be in service of the children you have responsibility for.

So make a plan to ensure that you get what you need. Make a plan to come out into 2020 after the Christmas and New Year period, ready to serve your society and community as a coach for it surely needs you.

I have been writing this to help you be a great coach, but in fact this is also a great topic for your run into Christmas coaching sessions. What I am speaking of here is common to so many people and frankly I know few people who get the balance right.

So make your Christmas not only about your self nurture but bring this message to your clients too.

Here is a list… make sure you get enough:

Sleep: Self explanatory

Good quality food: (And no I don’t mean turkey)

Rest: (As opposed to sleep, two different things)

Financial Calm: (Do not blow the credit card trying to buy all things for all people) the world does not need tons of wasted stuff so shop with care and calm, and recycling in mind.

Gratitude: Spend time each day consciously focussing on what you have in your life to be grateful for. Cup half full, not half empty!

Do something for someone who REALLY is in trouble: Get a perspective reminder and go out of your way to do something for someone very much less fortunate than you.

Laugh: Go on make sure you do. It is good for you. Watch comedy shows, invite funny people around.

Easy on the booze: Cos you know it makes sense.

Intimacy:  So I avoided using the s*x word but if you are active in that area, it is health giving, oxytocin producing and good for you.

Here is my only ‘don’t’ advice:

Do not be a slave to everyone else. Of course do things for others but also get, and keep, some balance. You do not have to say yes all the time and hold those boundaries.

So if you manage all of the above, great!

Happy Christmas and have a Great New Year!