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I am finding someone I’m coaching energy′s exhausting. I know I should be able to remain centred but I have one client I just don’t enjoy coaching. Should I pass them onto someone else?

16 November 2018 Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Short answer, probably yes. But it would be good if you could resolve this in a way that provides as much learning as possible for both you and your client.

Here are a few questions.

1. Have you reflected back this exhausting feeling? Use statement techniques that avoid ‘you’ statements. Something like “I’m feeling exhaustion here in the room with us. What are you feeling?”

2. Are they in fact exhausted? What is going on with them that you may not know about?

3. Are you exhausted with the content of the coaching conversation or are you reacting to the topics and themes they are bringing to you with exhaustion because you are being triggered by them?

4. Have you taken this to your coach supervisor?

Hope this prompts some things for you.