A: The good news is that working on the phone or an online video system is a very viable and productive way to work. It can be a real benefit to clients and also you can be as effective as a practitioner, if not more so. I have had clients who prefer working this way and, counter intuitively, it has actually made the process of working with clients more effective for many practitioners.

Working online requires an adaptation of your skills and learning a few new ones. We will shortly be offering a short online course to help practitioners so check back here in the PPH coaching pages for that.

The second part of your question is also straightforward. Your clients know that we are in the middle of a crisis. They should also know that you will have to work with them remotely. What they do need to know is that you have got this sorted and under control. That they can remain confident in you and your professionalism and that you will be able to continue to hold the space. So rearrange the timing of your sessions and spend time getting yourself into a good shape to work with them online.