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Should I reassure my clients about what is going on? Or is that fixing them? I don’t really know myself.

12 March 2020 Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

It is a fine line between encouraging fantasy thinking and using positivity as a way to manage energy and emotion.

We cannot reassure people as if they were children, if we are not certain of what we are reassuring people about. And the limits of what we can be certain of are easily tested.

What we can do is reassure people about their qualities and feelings. Supporting people′s ability to find courage, maintain hope and be resilient. People sometimes lose sight of who they are, especially when they are over run with powerful difficult feelings. A coach can be incredibly useful in stabilising such periods of turmoil through the practice of reflecting back to their client who they know that client to be. This is not fixing them but rather seeing them and making them visible.

This coaching practice is invaluable in self reflective awareness that you can bring to bear on yourself. Who are you when you are the best version of yourself? What are those qualities?

This is the kind of reassurance that will serve you best.