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I am struggling with adjusting to the social changes and the anxiety of the coronavirus. This is making it hard to stay focused and centred when I am coaching.

12 March 2020 Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

First of all you are not alone, in case you were feeling it. What you are reporting, many, many professionals in helping professions are feeling too.

What we have to decide though, is what might be the ways we can reach a balanced point where we can manage our own responses and continue to stay focused and balanced as a coach. We are unlikely to do this alone and without support.

If ever there was a moment for co-coaching, using and talking to a coach supervisor and getting coaching yourself, this is it.

In addition, I recommend joining a support group, professional or otherwise. If you have some difficulty or reservations about face to face meeting then go virtual. Look online for co-coaching communities and projects.