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I have clients who seem to believe that the climate crisis is some kind of hoax and that we need not worry about it. I disagree and don’t think I can carry on coaching them.

08 August 2019 Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

I have sympathy for that point of view. Humans are unbelievably skilled in the art of self deception and psychological self protection. How much easier is it to believe that it is a hoax than to take on board other scenarios. I know it seems crazy and as the evidence and overall opinion has mounted it has seemed that people have become totally irrational about the subject. We know in coaching that people hide things from themselves, or minimise or rationalise away things they can’t be with. ‘Being with’ is a coaching skill and look how tricky that can for a coach!

So first of all let me state. You do not have to coach anyone. The issue at hand from a human point of view is one of what will be the greatest service to the other perso n. Continuing to spend time with them or spending no time with them? That decision you need to make on a case by case basis.

However, the fact that they believe it to be a hoax triggers you but, if you can master yourself and that triggering you have an opportunity to get alongside them and try to see the world through their eyes. It may well be that they are psychologically too fragile to grasp the facts; that it is too scary and it might precipitate a breakdown. That is a common fear people have and one I have been through myself several times. No doubt I may again. But the assimilation of these kinds of possibilities can aid us in our transformations to being more engaged with each other, those we love and those we have not been so close to in our lives.

So talk to your coach supervisor and start to unravel how you can be of service to these clients. If you cannot then move on. You are needed more than ever in this world and we cannot serve everyone. This is about accepting our limitations too.

Good luck.