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Dear practitioner, 

We've added two new articles about online therapy, a fantastic new room rental database and more to the website this month. I hope you find something of interest. 

Therapy rooms database - now online!

You can now find a therapy room or promote your own room to rent on our brand new database! It's available to members only so just login or become a member here, (it's free) and start searching in your town. 

Two new must-read articles about online therapy

PhillipaWeitz discusses the challenges facing counsellors and psychotherapists over the next decade in this thoughtful new article.

Kate Dunn explores the need for training to work online in this insightful and useful article.

Writeupp gets new mobile app

Writeupp, the cloud-based practice management system designed to help you manage bookings, maintain compliant notes and stay on top of your practice paperwork, has added a great new feature: a mobile app. It's perfect if you're out and about on house visits or you prefer using your phone to manage your schedule and notes. Find out more about Writeupphere.

In other news...

- There's only a week to go of this online coaching conference
- Find therapy workshops and events on our growing database
- Our financial planning series continues with some advice about Keyperson insurance



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