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A Good Enough Webinar On Perfectionism

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Three good reasons why you should enrol for this webinar:

1. To learn how to identify perfectionists. Perfectionism is often concealed. Clinically significant perfectionism is often missed as the most significant causative factor in a wide range of psychological difficulties

2. To be more aware of the risk of suicide in this section of the clinical population. Perfectionists often appear to be successful, well functioning, high achievers, but their perfectionism can increase their vulnerability to suicide.

3. To understand why perfectionists tend to drop out of therapy prematurely, and to be more aware of useful strategies to maintain engagement.

Nobody comes along for therapy asking to be cured of his or her perfectionism, but it is often the hidden psychopathology underlying the presenting concern, and one which therapists may miss. Albert Ellis argued that resolving these clients’ perfectionism is the most “elegant solution” to their problems. Dr David Baker will set out the principle therapeutic strategies for working with this client group, and the interventions most likely to help them resolve their compulsion. The webinar will also afford attendees the opportunity to ask questions and discuss how to identify and manage difficult cases.

Location Online
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 12 Dec 2018
Start time 9:30am
Amount £29
Organiser CBT Psychotherapist Briefings
Speaker Dr David Baker / Adam May
Name Adam May
Keywords Physiotherapy, Therapy