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A little less conversation, a little more action please! Using behavioural experiments in CBT

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Behavioural experiments are one of the most powerful means to cognitive change and are now used in all contemporary CBT approaches. This workshop will help participants to effectively use behavioural experiments with their clients and will describe: when to and how best to set the cognitive platform for behavioural experiments; how to engage people in taking the most from the experiments; and how to maximise learning from experiments to help people reach their goals.

Location Reading
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 12 Jun 2019
Venue Address University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus
Amount £130
Organiser Charlie Waller Institute
Speaker Dr Nick Grey
Contact No. 0118 378 7537
Keywords Cognitive Behavioraltherapy (CBT), Therapy
Regions South, South East