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AACP Western Medical Acupuncture & Neurological Conditions - Tayside, Dundee - June 2020

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 This course aims to provide students with the brackground knowledge of how Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA) theory and research can be related to neurological conditions. It is aimed primarily at physiotherapists working in MSK clinics who may encounter neurological patients at times, to provide them with suggestions on how to treat common neurological symptoms and improve wellbeing. Specific groups of points and their actions will be considered along with the effects of myofascial pain and trigger points. There will be a practical element focussing on locating, palpating and needling relevant acupuncture and trigger points.

Physiotherapists attending should be prepared and willing to participate in practical needling sessions. They must have completed basic acupuncture training and submit a consent form before attending the course.

Course Aims
- To Review current evidence for using acupuncture with neurological patients
- To consider the relevance of physiological effects of acupuncture on pain, inflammation and autonomic nervous system for patients with neurological conditions and their symptoms e.g. spasm, fatigue, pain, bowel and bladder functions
- To review useful acupuncture points, identify point locations and correct needling techniques To review pathophysiology of Myfascial Trigger Points (MTrPs) and relevance to patients with neurological conditions
- To gain experience in locating, palpating and needling common upper and lower limb MTrPS

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the day, students will be able to;
- Identify which neurlogical patients / symptoms may benefit from acupuncture
- Clincally reason the use of acupuncture for their neurological patient and determind which points would be relevant depending on symptoms presented
- Understand the relevance and how to find Myofascial Trigger points (MtrPS) which are impacting on the neurological patient Identify an appropriate treatment plan
- Correctly needle relevant acupuncture points and MTrPDs This course is open to health professionals with previous acupuncture training and who have a significant level of anatomical and physiological knowledge.

This course is open to health professionals with previous acupuncture training and who have a significant level of anatomical and physiological knowledge.

CPD Hours: 8
AACP Members: £99.00
Non AACP Members: £125.00
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Location Dundee
Category Complementary Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 07 Jun 2020
Start time 9:00am
Time info Please arrive in good time for the course to begin
Venue Address S Therapy Centre Tayside, Unit 12B / 14 Peddie Street, Tayside, DD1 5LB
Description AACP Members can benefit from reduced course costs
Amount £125
Organiser Claire Buckingham
Speaker Caroline McGuire
CPD hours 8
Accredited by AACP
Description AACP Limited Sefton House, Adam Court, Newark Road, Peterborough PE1 5PP
Name Claire Buckingham
Contact No. 01733390007
Keywords Acupuncture, Complementary Health, Complementary Medicine, Complementary Therapy, Health, Holistic, Physiotherapy, Therapy
Regions All
Event User Information
Name Jennifer Hodges
Telephone Number 01733 390007


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