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An introduction to a formulation- based approach to CBT for psychosis

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In this one-day workshop Professor Craig Steel will provide a general introduction to using cognitive behavioural formulations for use with patients who are suffering from the positive symptoms of psychosis (i.e. hallucinations and/or delusions).

Content: The workshop will be embedded within an overview of the current evidence base for cognitive behavioural interventions for psychosis. The approach taken will draw on delegates existing knowledge of CBT and consider how this may be adapted when formulating the symptoms of psychosis. A normalisation approach to psychosis is adopted, before integrating a clinical assessment into a case conceptualisation. The implications of formulation for interventions will be considered, although the main focus will remain on the development of the formulation. The workshop will involve a mixture of PowerPoint slides, clinical case discussion and role-played clinical sessions. 

Learning objectives:

• to acquire an up to date knowledge of the evidence base of CBT for psychosis

• to develop an understanding as to how CBT can be adapted for use with the symptoms of psychosis

• to consider the issue of engaging clients into psychological therapy

• to develop skills in developing a cognitive formulation for an individual suffering from psychotic symptoms

• to consider the implications of formulation for intervention, and to draw on interventions skills used with other disorders

Location Reading
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 16 Oct 2019
Start time 9:00am
Venue Address University of Reading - Whiteknights campus
Amount £130
Organiser Charlie Waller Institute
Speaker Professor Craig Steel
Contact No. 0118 378 7537
Keywords Cognitive Behavioraltherapy (CBT), Counselling, Psychological, Therapy
Regions South, South East