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Ask Don’t Tell: Socratic Methods in CBT

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Padesky (1993) called Socratic questioning ‘The cornerstone of cognitive therapy’ – but why? What’s the big deal about the Socratic approach in CBT? What’s so good about “asking” rather than “telling”? This workshop addresses what we mean by Socratic Method and why it does indeed have a place in the practice of CBT across a wide range of clinical settings. In particular, it references Padesky’s Four Stage Model with video illustration. In addition to discussing what contributes to ‘good’ Socratic practice, the workshop will consider the misuse of Socratic enquiry, when it might be beneficial not to use a Socratic approach and some of the problems that can arise when using the Socratic approach.

Location Reading
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 13 Mar 2019
Venue Address University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus
Amount £130
Organiser Charlie Waller Institute
Speaker Dr Helen Kennerley
Contact No. 0118 378 7537
Keywords Cognitive Behavioraltherapy (CBT)
Regions South East