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Assessing Psychopathic Personality Disorder

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Psychopathic personality disorder is an important risk factor for violence. Additionally, it has relevance for treatment and risk management. The Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) is currently the best validated measure of psychopathy. The use of the PCL-R has become widespread across many agencies; it provides a standard methodology for assessing this important risk factor. In particular, emphasis is given to the clinical information derived from the instrument and how that information can be used in risk violence formulation. Using a variety of teaching modalities didactic, interactive and practical exercises, this workshop will introduce participants to the PCL-R.A video case will be used to allow participants to apply the PCL-R ratings and obtain feedback. The strengths and limitations of the PCL-R will be discussed. The PCL-R manual is supplied with this course.

Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 26 Mar 2019
Start time 10:00am
Venue Address Hilton London Kensington, 179 – 199 Holland Park Avenue, London, W11 4UL
Amount £599
Organiser Violence Risk Assessment
Speaker Professor David Cooke
Contact No. 01355 244 966
Keywords Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy
Regions Greater London