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Attachment Narrative Therapy (ANT)

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 Viewing attachment ideas as familial, instead of as a dyadic process, Attachment Narrative Therapy (ANT) brings together systemic therapy and Attachment Theory, to provide a clear framework for therapeutic action that:


  • Helps our clients to name and regulate emotions
  • Allows us as therapists, as well as our clients to view emotional states and actions from relational perspectives 
  • Increases understanding and tolerance for negative emotional states in intimate relationships
  • Specifically focuses on patterns of comforting and self-soothing
  • Enables the processing of emotional experience with a view to steering ourselves towards resilience and not distress
  • Promotes an understanding of trans-generational patterns of attachment seeking and caring


At this 2-day training workshop, which would be especially relevant for therapists and counsellors across modalities, who work with families, children and young people; Prof. Rudi Dallos and Dr Becky Mckenzie draw on their practical experience in setting up ANT based interventions to discuss:


  • How ideas from attachment theory, systemic family therapy and narrative therapy can be integrated into work with families, couples and individuals
  • Illustrations of how the ANT approach offers new integrations between these three orientations
  • Clinical examples including work with conduct disorders, self-harm, eating disorders and autism
  • Complex attachment and systemic processes including the role of danger and traumatic states for families


There will be opportunity for participants to consider their own cases and this will be facilitated by the use of formats for exploration, that allow application of the approach to participants’ own clinical contexts. 

Location London
Category Professional Qualification
Details of Event
Start date 29 Mar 2019
Description Early Bird: 199
Amount £249
Organiser Nscience
CPD activity Further Education
CPD hours 10
Keywords Child, Coaching, Commitment, Complementary Therapy, Couple, Feelings, Life coaching, Psychoanalysis, Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Relationship