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BACP Children, Young People and Families conference

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 Building resilience and self-esteem is an integral part of counselling children and young people in a range of contexts. This often extends to working with parents or carers as their self-esteem and confidence can impact how they manage relationships and boundaries with their children. In addition, where there are issues with one young person in a family, siblings may need strategies for building their self-esteem and resilience.

Sessions include:


  • Family group: Supporting schools, strengthening families, enabling change - Bridget McCabe
  • Introduction to focusing with children - Sara Bradly
  • You can't make someone have resilience and self-esteem, it's already there just waiting to come out - Mike Moss
  •  Creating warriors - Michelle Barter
  •  Extending our reach - Veronica Rosello
  • Trauma, attachment and resilience - children in care (looked after) - Joy Stewart
  • Exploring place attachment and children's wellbeing - Julia Tanner
  • Building resilience with solution focused conversations - Clive Whittaker
Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 22 Feb 2020
Start time 8:30am
Venue Address ETC Venue, 200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London, EC1A 4HD
Amount £190
Organiser BACP
Contact No. 01455 883300
Keywords Child, Conference, Counselling, Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy
Regions Greater London