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Bipolar Disorder: psychological models and treatment

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Bipolar Disorder is a severe and enduring mental health problem, often first manifest in adolescence and early adulthood, characterised by episodes of deep depression, hopelessness and mania, while having a profound impact on an individual’s development. Clients with bipolar disorder exhibit dramatic swings in mood and energy levels ranging from very low depressive periods to extremely high manic episodes. Bipolar Disorder, however, suffers from a history of being seen as a biologically driven disorder, with the assumption likewise that the treatment has to be biologically driven; consequently there is a relative lack of research into psychological models or psychotherapeutic interventions for this highly vulnerable client group. As therapists, we may thus feel ill-equipped to manage and address our clients’ ongoing vulnerabilities of mood instability and dysregulation, stress reactivity and interpersonal sensitivity.
At this practical workshop, which would be especially relevant for psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists, we start with a fundamental premise that Attachment Theory and models of interpersonal functioning offer a promising, psycho-developmentally grounded framework for understanding onset, help seeking, adaptation and resilience in the experience of bipolar disorder. Through discussions and case examples, the seminar helps us understand:
  • The impact of trauma on first presentations of bipolar disorder
  • The role of affect dysregulation and other related psychological processes
  • The developmental processes and psychopathology instrumental in bipolar disorder
  • Life experiences and transitions that might heighten an individual’s vulnerability to the development of a bipolar disorder
  • How positive attachment experiences including positive psychotherapeutic engagement can aid the development of reflective function and mentalisation, serving as catalyst for improved self-regulatory processes
  • The processes that are essential to any psychological formulation of a bipolar disorder episode
Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 21 Sep 2019
Start time 10:00am
Venue Address Broadway House, Tothill Street, SW1H 9NQ
Amount £135
Organiser Nscience
Speaker Matthias Schwannauer
CPD activity Courses
CPD hours 6
Contact No. 020 7096 1722
Keywords Feelings, Health, Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy
Regions Greater London