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Breathworks Introductory Teacher Training

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Train with Breathworks - Learn to Teach Mindfulness & Compassion

A unique focus on kindness, compassion, and mindful movement

Learn the skills of a confident and independent mindfulness teacher

Accredited by the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers

Take your mindfulness practice deeper

Experiential, rather than academic, training methods

Learn the skills to teach mindfulness and compassion to groups & individuals, and become accredited as a teacher through the Breathworks teacher training pathway. Breathworks are one of the leading teacher training organisations, and are a founding member of the UK Network of Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations. Our programme has been continually improved for many years, and will provide you with the skills and confidence to share your passion and experience with others as an independent teacher. Find out more and book your place on our website.

Location Manchester
Category Complementary Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 21 Sep 2019
Start time 6:00pm
Venue Address Taraloka Retreat Centre, North Wales, Bettisfield, Whitchurch SY13 2LD
Amount £1550
Organiser Breathworks
Speaker Singhashri Gazmuri, Steve Smith, Andrea Cygler, Anjali Chatterjee
Accredited by Breathworks
Name Breathworks
Contact No. 0161 834 1110
Keywords Acceptance, Complementary Health, Complementary Medicine, Complementary Therapy, Health, Holistic, Mediation, Mental, Mindfulness, Retreat, Training event
Regions Wales