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Complex Trauma Work during the 2nd stage of trauma recovery - Stage 2, (Single & Multiple Trauma - Working with Intrusive Memory Experiences)

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We advise anyone who is interested in joining this group to attend our Stage 1 course first. 
This module focusses on how to further support trauma recovery when trauma survivors of Single or Multiple trauma are ready for Trauma Processing of Intrusive Memory Experiences. This programme helps you to develop additional techniques and strategies essential to healing traumatic life situations presented by many clients. This is based on Phase 2 of Herman’s model, where safety and internal resources are in place so that work on the actual trauma can be done by using Systemic , Experiential, Embodied approaches. This is a stage where we support safe re-integration of traumatic experiences.
Trauma is a “stuck” process in the body and we utilise embodied, experiential and systemic techniques to resolve blocks so that traumatic memory can be integrated into our normal memory system. We use indirect imaginal exposure processing which avoids re-triggering clients (e.g. narrative is the one of the main triggers) so that they are more likely to stay within the therapeutic window of tolerance (Briere and Scott, 2006).
We are always keeping in mind the fact that CPD workshops are an extended part of our participants’ support system. All of our workshops incorporate a self-care dimension and, it is also worth saying that, all of our workshops are experiential. This means that our participants learn through reflecting on the experiences they get from doing different exercises. 

Location Leeds
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 11 Jul 2020
Amount £190
Organiser Complex Trauma Institute
Keywords Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy, Trauma
Regions Yorkshire and the Humber


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