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Complex Trauma Work with Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma during the 2nd stage of trauma recovery

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 It is necessary to attend Complex trauma work (Stage 1)- ​the 1st phase of trauma recovery course before signing up for this one.
​The main focus of this workshop will be on how safely approach childhood trauma and support integration of self as a whole. We will introduce Phase-Oriented approach to post-trauma treatment of childhood trauma.
Childhood Trauma, especially imposed by people in positions of affection and authority, create long term difficulties with trust, intimacy, and dependency. This traumatization causes profound vulnerability and vigilance which continue affecting adults in their late lives. They are often left to deal with overwhelming experiences that are normally held in their bodies. These overwhelming experiences become the reason why these adults disconnect from being present and it greatly impacts on the way they connect with other people. Adult survivors often cannot get body senses as their past memories are very painful physically and psychologically. Therefore they ‘dissociate’ from their feelings and body experiences which is a protective process simply helping them to survive.
This two-day workshop will be experiential and you will learn about effective Systemic , Experiential, Embodied techniques when working with trauma. These techniques will add an important link between the body's stored knowledge of the impacts of the past difficult life of past difficult life situations and their impacts. We examine the embodied approach to the trauma which has been “stuck” since childhood. In this course we are working with the “Inner Traumatised Child” (the traumatised part metaphor) that has become “stuck” and is unable to develop and move on. We first establish safety & internal resources for the client, before going on to approach those “parts” that are stuck and enable them to be processed and integrated. We also work with negative self talk - ‘Inner critical voice’ metaphor which are a feature of childhood trauma. 

Location Leeds
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 16 May 2020
Amount £190
Organiser Complex Trauma Institute
Keywords Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy, Trauma
Regions Yorkshire and the Humber


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