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DBT Advanced Class: Coaching Emotion Regulation in Individual Therapy

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 The role of strengthening emotion regulation skills falls to the individual therapist. Clients may have read about  emotion regulation or learned the skills in DBT group, but still tend to over-rely on distraction or distress tolerance when these skills are called for in everyday life. In this workshop delegates will learn the moment-by-moment steps involved in coaching the client to regulate an emotion. The facilitator will share some top tips on managing  the common pitfalls in upregulating or downregulating each emotion to fit the facts.  Delegates will be shown how to troubleshoot to ensure the client has genuinely grasped the skill. Suitable for DBT and other therapists working with clients who have dysregulated emotion.

Location Chester
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 14 Oct 2019
Venue Address Best Western Queen Hotel, Chester
Amount £400
Organiser British Isles DBT Training
CPD activity Further Education
Keywords Feelings, Life coaching, Psychological, Psychology, Relationship, Therapy