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Defeating Trauma with Hypnotherapy

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Helping clients who are suffering from PTSD and other forms of trauma

The impact of traumatic events can wreck lives in many ways. Flashbacks, anxiety attacks, anger issues, self-medication through drug and alcohol misuse, alienation from friends and family, job loss and even suicide attempts can all follow in the wake of trauma.

However, there is a successful hypnotherapy protocol you can use to help those suffering from PTSD and other forms of trauma. Defeating Trauma is a one-day course that gives you the tools and techniques you need to help adults break free from the tyranny of traumatic events in their past and lead healthier and more productive lives.

On the course you will learn

  • How trauma impacts the brain, and the science of traumatic memories
  • What to do if you suspect a client is suffering from traumatic events
  • The three key stages in using hypnotherapy to address trauma
  • The legal and ethical considerations of working with traumatic memories
  • How help your clients take advantage of a fresh start and a more flourishing outlook on life

In addition, you will hear about real-life case studies where the defeating trauma protocol has been used successfully.

Defeating Trauma is a step-by-step guide through a highly successful hypnotherapy intervention, and as you progress through the stages you will have the opportunity to practice each new skill in a safe and supportive environment.

The Defeating Trauma protocol can be used in a variety of situations from PTSD, historic childhood abuse or neglect, impact of being bullied, sudden bereavement through accident or suicide, and serious road traffic accidents.

Location Nottingham
Category Complementary Therapies, Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 13 Jun 2020
Start time 10:00am
Venue Address Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
Amount £150
Organiser Clem & Margaret Turner Therapy Practice
Speaker Julie Hurst
Contact No. 01623 556234
Keywords Hypnotherapy, Therapy, Trauma
Regions East Midlands, Midlands


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