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How to lift depression - the practical skills you need

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Discover the new insights and skills that are revolutionising the successful treatment of depression... This day has literally saved lives.

What you will gain from attending:

  • Essential new information about why people become depressed
  • A better understanding of what depression really is, why it’s on the increase and how to diagnose it
  • Clear explanations of symptoms such as waking up tired and unmotivated
  • Practical help to quickly break patterns of depression, move people on and prevent relapse
  • New insights into the dissociative elements of depressive lifestyles
  • An important understanding of why some forms of psychotherapy can make depression worse
  • Techniques for tackling rigid thinking and negative expectancy
  • Why some people are more vulnerable to depression than others
  • How to make a positive difference straight away
  • Ways to talk to suicidal people – this training saves lives
  • The myths that have grown up around depression
  • How to manage bi-polar depression psychologically
  • The links between emotional arousal, REM sleep, dreaming and depression
  • How this discovery dramatically improves our ability to help people get out of depression quickly
  • The most effective strategies for successfully treating depression
  • The causes of postnatal depression and how best to treat it
  • How to help with excessive grief
  • Lots of case history examples which illustrate how these new insights combined with the most effective brief therapy techniques can help people recover as quickly as possible
  • Ways to ’inoculate’ yourself against depression
  • CPD certificate, that also counts towards the Human Givens Diploma
Location Bristol
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 20 Aug 2019
Start time 9:30am
Venue Address Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB
Amount £192
Organiser Human Givens College
Speaker Denise Winn
CPD activity Workshop
CPD hours 6
Description Human Givens College provides effective psychotherapy training and courses about key mental health problem areas for anyone wishing to help improve the lives of individuals and families, or to help organisations and communities thrive.
Name Mark Thomas
Contact No. 01323 811690