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ILM Recognised Generic Train the Trainer Course - 2 Days

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Delegates on our Train the Trainer course will learn.
How to define objectives that meet both business and trainee needs.
How to plan and design training to gain the trainee's commitment and enthusiasm - Even reluctant trainees!
How to recognise the different psychological and sensory learning styles of trainees.
How to adapt training to meet ALL of these styles
How to deal with challenging trainees and resistance to training.
How to deal with trainee concerns about training.
The pro's and con's of different training methods.
How to ensure training is interactive and participative - And not simply a presentation.
How, why and when to adopt a facilitative or directive training style.
How to ensure and check that training:
is really effective
that objectives have been met
that real learning has occurred
What to do before and after training to ensure the best possible outcome for the business and trainees

Location Manchester
Category Coaching
Details of Event
Start date 11 Apr 2019
Start time 10:00am
Venue Address Unsworth Cricket Club, The Pavilion Bury GRT MANCHESTER
Amount £350
Organiser NLP Centre of Excellence
Keywords business, Business skills, training, Training event