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Inside out: Harnessing brainpower in CBT

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How many of your patients would benefit from being able to manage their emotions more effectively or gaining more mastery of memory? Understanding emotional processing and memory can help us help them to cope better with strong affect, learn ways managing troubling memories and create ways of making what they learn memorable. The workshop describes a concise framework for understanding emotional processing (Kennerley & Kischka, 2013) and re-visits learning theory. For some this will be timely revision and for others there will perhaps be revelations. The information in the workshop is relevant for helping a range of patients, for example those with: - Unwanted intrusions, particularly traumatic intrusions - Difficulty managing emotions and resisting urges - Problems associated with dissociation Everyone will have the opportunity to reflect on the clinical relevance of this understanding of “brainpower” and will be encouraged to tailor it to their own clinical needs.

Location Oxford
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 14 Mar 2019
Venue Address Ewert House, Ewert Place, Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DD
Amount £130
Organiser OCTC
Speaker Helen Kennerley
Contact No. 01865 902801
Keywords Cognitive Behavioraltherapy (CBT), Therapy
Regions South East