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Kundalini Workshop

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Learn about the Kundalini process, life stages, how to harness your personal power and work with this safely and effectively – for self healing, raising your level of consciousness and energetic vibration. Can help with personal development and overcoming problems arising from incorrect Kundalini rising. Also raises awareness of such symptoms, to help with effectiveness if you work in a healing capacity. Includes energetic exercises to clear your energy field, balance your chakras & raise Kundalini. You can book to suit or for your own groups. Distant sessions also available via Telephone and Skype.

Location Shropshire
Category Complementary Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 23 Nov 2019
Start time 2:00pm
Time info 3 hour workshop, can be booked to suit between times stated and over distance. Telephone and Skype available.
Venue Address 9 Roseway, Wellington,Ttelford, Shropshire, TF1 1JA
Description Telephone and Skype available. Book to suit.
Amount £95
Organiser You Reiki
Speaker Jayne Derbyshire
CPD activity Workshop
CPD hours 3
Description Facilitated by qualified & experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Psycho-therapist, Energetic, Esoteric & Shamanic Life Coach.
Name Jayne Derbyshire
Contact No. 07977140550
Keywords Coaching, Holistic, Mindfulness, Therapy
Regions All
Event User Information
Name Jayne
Telephone Number 07977140550