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Mindful Eating-Conscious Living: A Foundational Professional Training

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 The intersection of mindfulness, eating and our relationship to food is the focus of this professional training. Inherent within that juncture are the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that impact how we relate to food and our body in skillful and unskillful ways. The training emphasizes experiential engagement in mindfulness meditation practices and mindful eating awareness exercises, so that the participant will be able to pass the benefit of these exercises on to clients and patients in a variety of settings. These practices and exercises are integral components of the nine-session Mindful Eating Program Curriculum and Leader’s Guide, designed by Bays and Wilkins, which provides the organizing structure from this training. Every participant will receive a copy of the Leader’s Guide.

Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 30 Apr 2019
Organiser UCSD Center for Mindfulness
CPD activity Workshop
Keywords Mindfullness, Mindfulness, Training event