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Narcissism & Echoism

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Today’s training will take a fresh look at Narcissism, including its origins and how to recognise it in ourselves and others.  We also explore Echoism, a way of being that props up the ego of the Narcissist – at great personal price.  This challenging day will include recovery from narcissistic abuse, and how to stop being an Echoist and recover our true self.

Location Southampton
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 11 Oct 2019
Start time 9:30am
Venue Address St James Church, West End Road, Southampton SO30 3LT
Amount £80
Organiser Deep Release - Professional Training for Counsellors
Speaker Pauline Andrew
Contact No. 01277 226121
Keywords Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy
Regions South East