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Psychic Development Programme

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A psychic development programme. Taking you on a personalised journey to develop your psychic skills safely, through a mature approach. Only for those serious about applying themselves. To help raise awareness of your inner guidance networks & develop your natural channeling ability. Learn to apply esoteric techniques, working with your Soul energy in real time. Equiping you to develop safely, whether for self development,psychic, mediumistic or healing purposes. Programme comprises a block of sessions, helping you apply practice, with support & guidance throughout. Distant learning is also available. Plus well established psychic development groups or can be booked as one off developmental sessions. Telephone and Skype available. Book to suit.

Location Shropshire
Category Complementary Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 11 Dec 2019
Start time 9:00am
Time info Sessions will be booked to suit between dates and times stated. Telephone and Skype available.
Venue Address 9 Roseway, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 1JA
Description Payment is in full prior to commencement of training programme. One off developmental sessions can also be booked to suit.Telephone and Skype available.
Amount £385
Organiser You Reiki
Speaker Jayne Derbyshire
CPD activity Courses
CPD hours 14
Description Facilitated by qualified & experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Psychotherapist, Shamanic & Esoteric Life Coach.
Name Jayne Derbyshire
Contact No. 07977140550
Keywords Coaching, Mindfullness
Regions All
Event User Information
Name Jayne
Telephone Number 07977140550