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Pulsing transformational bodywork

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Pulsing transformational bodywork

Imagine feeling deeply relaxed, sparkling with energy, comfortable in your skin and attuned to the flow of life. If that sounds good, come and discover what Pulsing can do for you. 

Pulsing is a transformative body therapy. It helps you release physical tension, emotional stress and old patterns of thinking & feeling, and connect to your authentic self. 

Using continuous  wave-like rocking, Pulsing plays with the rhythm, movement and natural flow of the body, encouraging a freedom that resonates throughout the whole bodymind. It offers a holistic self-experience that promotes awareness and change.

Vibrant and energising, relaxing and nurturing, pleasurable and playful, meditative and healing, it will be attractive to anyone who enjoys massage, yoga, tai chi, 5Rhythms or ecstatic dance. It is a delight to give and a joy to receive.

Pulsing workshops are open to everyone. Here you can explore your embodied self in a way that is pleasurable and respectful. The only requirement is that you be open to engaging with yourself and with others in a spirit of play, curiosity and acceptance. The weekends are experiential, joyful, moving. 

You can optionally work towards a  certificate issued by the Pulsing Association. The workshops are ideal for massage therapists or bodyworkers wanting to add a skill, or as CPD for psychotherapists and counsellors wishing to explore touch and experience modern Reichian humanistic therapy in action.

Location Greater London
Category Physical Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 22 Feb 2020
Start time 10:00am
Time info Please arrive 9.45am for 10am start
Venue Address Colliers Wood, SW19
Description None
Amount £125
Organiser Richard Lawton
CPD activity Workshop
Name Richard Lawton
Contact No. 07502136692
Keywords Complementary Health, Complementary Therapy, Feelings, Health, Holistic, libido, Massage, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, stress, Therapeutic, Therapy, training
Regions Greater London
Event User Information
Name Richard
Telephone Number 02086461051


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