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Queering the Couple Relationship: the Challenges of Working with Polyamorous, Open and Other Relationship Configurations

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We live in a cisgendered and heterosexist society that privileges monogamy as the gold standard for mature couple relating. It is viewed as the bedrock of enduring couple relationships and a key foundational stone for family life. Increasingly, however, couple therapists are being presented with a range of alternative relational practices and radical lifestyles that challenge strongly held views about the functionality and value of such relationships, especially when they do not conform to the ideals of monogamy.

This study day will provide a much-needed playground to explore the exciting range of possibilities that relationships hold for all of us. How do therapists enter the client’s world when it is so far removed from our own and how do we own rather than avoid the value judgments that inevitably permeate our practice when working with difference?

During this study day we will explore the different types of fluid, open and polyamorous relationships that many people are choosing. It will provide a much needed window into the workings of these relationships and help therapists become more informed and responsive to the specific needs of these clients’ presentations.

Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 29 Nov 2019
Start time 10:00am
Venue Address Hallam House, 56-60 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JL
Amount £118
Organiser Tavistock Relationships
Speaker Leah Davidson and Dr Damian McCann
Contact No. 0207 380 8288
Keywords Counselling, Couple, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy, training
Regions Greater London