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Reviewing the Stories We Live By: How reconsidering the personal narrative can have a life changing impact

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 The stories we live by, especially the stories that run in our families, can either mobilize or immobilize us in our lives. Using creative and narrative-based psychotherapeutic techniques we can support our clients to reconsider and reassess the stories they live by, and in doing so set a new trajectory for emotional resilience and well-being.

This engaging and intellectually stimulating online webinar with Joanna Fortune starts with the premise that our sense of well-being is highly reliant on our family narrative – the stories we’ve been told, the stories we’ve understood and perceived, the stories we’ve used to pattern our behaviours. This webinar will explore how we can reclaim editorial control over our personal, family narratives and what psychological benefit is to be gained from doing so in terms of emotional resilience.  Joanna will draw upon, and make reference to, the use of narrative play in early child development and how gaps in this stage of developmental play can be practically repaired later in life.  We will discuss how it is not simply the content of our family narratives that matters but also the process in which those narratives were shared / told and by whom. Through discussions and case examples, we will explore a variety of therapeutic techniques that can be applied to explore a client’s inter-generational self and gently challenge the stories a person lives by. Our aim will be to support a client in making their own edits to redirect the trajectory their default narrative has set them on.
Joanna will evaluate a variety of psychotherapeutic tools that aim to engage a client’s personal narrative and explore their applications and effectiveness. From story-stem techniques to art / mosaic and sand-tray to Lahad’s 6PSM (6 Part Story Making) we will consider the value of supporting clients in finding their own words to say it - whatever it might be. 
Participants will also be invited to engage in a self-reflective exercise to establish their own baseline inter-generational narrative.
Location Online
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 19 Mar 2020
Start time 6:00pm
Amount £60
Organiser Nscience
Speaker Joanna Fortune
Contact No. 020 7096 1722
Keywords Counselling, Psychology, Psychotherapy
Regions Online


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