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Self-harm - proven techniques for reducing and preventing self-harming behaviours

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This uplifting course demystifies this apparently wilfully destructive behaviour and its causes and shows why we shouldn’t give up on people who self-harm— even in the most apparently hopeless situations.

You will leave armed with practical skills, new insights and a clear research-based framework that will help you reduce and stop self-harming behaviours and give sufferers the best chance of moving on in their lives...

What you will gain from the day:

  • The essential Dos and Don’ts for teams and individuals working with people who self-harm, as told by those who self-harm
  • Demystification of self-harming behaviours and a greater understanding of why they occur
  • Powerful techniques and a ’tried-and-tested’ framework, drawn from profound knowledge about what people need to function well, that will transform your effectiveness
  • How to tell the difference between self-harming and a suicide attempt
  • An opportunity to learn and practise some of the key skills you need when working with people who self-harm
  • A cohesive and effective treatment strategy
  • Enlightening filmed interviews and case histories which show how it is possible to help self-harmers to live fulfilling lives again
  • New confidence when making interventions with people who once seemed unreachable
  • Practical ways for reducing your anxiety when working in this area
Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 13 Dec 2019
Start time 9:30am
Venue Address Dalton Ellis Hall, Conyngham Road, M14 5RL
Amount £192
Organiser Human Givens College
Speaker Emily Gajewski
CPD activity Workshop
CPD hours 6
Description Human Givens College provides effective psychotherapy training and courses about key mental health problem areas for anyone wishing to help improve the lives of individuals and families, or to help organisations and communities thrive.
Name Mark Thomas
Contact No. 01323 811690
Regions Greater London