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Sex and the symbolic understanding of the problem

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This workshop will address the deterioration of the relationship and norms of sexual interaction, physical communication helping the couple to talk about sex. Tools for change, new contracts out of old scripts, building quality relationships, bonding and reconnecting the couple.


This workshop will dismantle the myths of sex and help you to comfortably talk about it with your client’s, breaking down the taboos and awkwardness of this subject. We all engage in sexual acts, either together or separately and that engagement helps

us to feel fulfilled and complete. It’s usually a fundamental part of any intimate relationship and as such helps us to understand whether the relationship is fulfilling for all parties.

By exploring a client’s sexual relationship, it can expose all sorts of issues within the relationship, be that power and control or compliancy, sexual intimacy is a major indicator of a healthy or unhealthy relationship. As most people defer from speaking about this subject it’s a must in couple work, for the therapist to feel comfortable talking and introducing this subject into the room.

Location Online
Category Online Counselling, Online Psychotherapy, Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 28 Jan 2020
Start time 1:00pm
Date info 28th JAN/4th FEB
Venue Address This workshop will be hosted in the Zoom meeting platform which has all the resources we need to create an experiential group learning environment. The workshops will have access to an online group room, breakout rooms for small groups, whiteboards for creating and sharing resources and the capacity to communicate with voice and text.
Amount £110
Organiser Onlinevents
Speaker Ian Wallace
Contact No. 0114 478 2601
Keywords Counselling, Online Counselling, Online Psychotherapy, Online Therapy, Psychotherapy, Therapy
Regions Online, Online (UK wide)


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