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The Internal Twin: the Dynamics of Twinning in Couple Relationships

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This full-day workshop will explore the dynamics of the twin relationship, and the effects of persistent internal twinning on all future relationships in the life of each twin. This includes the ongoing relationship with the other twin, and those within couple, parent-child and therapist-client relationships.

This is the second of two workshops by Vivienne Lewin at Tavistock Relationships, and it will build on the understanding gained from the first, looking in greater depth at the nature of internal twinning. The day will also be fully accessible to newcomers who did not attend the first workshop.

Consideration will be given to clinical material and a detailed understanding of the structure of the internal twin will be developed over the course of the day.

The enduring unconscious twin relationship has a deep base originating before birth, creating a unique pre-verbal, proto-mental, somatic series of experiences and memories for each twin. This internal twinning will be projected onto others in the lives of the twins and will colour all their relationships.

While parental and other sibling relationships also affect relationships in this manner, they differ from the twin relationship in that the generational or age differences between the participants facilitate a degree of resolution of the transference between them. In the twin relationship, it is based on such deep unconscious experiences that it is much more difficult to process and contain.

In intimate couple relationships, the projection of the twinning relationship needs to be recognised and addressed if the couple are to achieve a mature and balanced relationship, rather than one based on the projections of the more narcissistic aspects of the twin relationship.

While such projections are common in all relationships, they are particularly problematic when they originate from the unconscious aspects of the twin relationship with its often visceral unconscious dimensions, and the push towards enacting the twin transference.

Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 06 Dec 2019
Start time 10:00am
Venue Address Hallam House, 56-60 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JL
Amount £118
Organiser Tavistock Relationships
Speaker Vivienne Lewin
Contact No. 0207 380 8288
Keywords Counselling, Couple, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy, training
Regions Greater London


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