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The Neuroscience of Mindfulness-Based Meditation: An Integration of Science and Practice

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 The Neuroscience of Mindfulness-Based Meditation workshop is an all day workshop conducted by Dr. Fadel Zeidan and mindfulness-certified teachers at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness. Dr. Zeidan will provide a easily understandable delineation of the neural, physiological and psychological processes supporting mindfulness-based pain relief and health promotion. He will delve into research demonstrating how mindfulness changes the brain, is different from placebo and other meditative practices, and involved processes that are unique and distinct from other mind-body approaches. There will also be section focused on the role of compassion meditation and the corresponding health benefits. We will also teach participants how to practice a spectrum of mindfulness techniques, including breath awareness, vipassana, eating and walking mindfulness, and mindfulness-based compassion. Importantly, these techniques are the same as the ones validated in Dr. Zeidan’s research. Further, participants will learn how to share mindfulness with their patients, clients, and loved ones.

Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 21 Sep 2019
Venue Address UCSD Medical Education Telemedicine Building La Jolla, CA United States
Organiser UCSD Center for Mindfulness
CPD activity Courses
Keywords Mediation, Mindfullness, Mindfulness