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Therapeutic Work With Teenagers: Offering a Wealth of Tools, Techniques and Ways of Being Alongside Troubled Teenagers

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This two-day course is a must for anyone whose work involves talking to or counselling troubled teenagers

In the UK, 50 percent of all mental ill-health shows up by the age of fourteen and yet of all the teenagers struggling with emotional and behavioural problems, a mere 30 percent receive any sort of intervention or treatment. The other 70 percent simply struggle through their pain and emotional turmoil, doing their best to make it to adulthood. Yet research shows that untreated depression in the teenage years can lead to depression in adulthood, anti-social behaviour and suicide. Shockingly in the UK, on average, a teenager tries to kill themselves every 22 minutes (Institute of Public Policy Research, 2006). If far more people are empowered to have thoughtful, reflective conversations with teenagers about their life experiences, it really doesn’t have to be this way.

This course is a vital resource to support such conversations. It introduces creative tools and techniques of what to say and how to be, underpinned by all the latest research and psychology relevant to adolescent development. Adults often feel awkward at embarking on an important conversation with a teenager, particularly in light of the often monosyllabic or grunting responses to their very best efforts. Moreover, the pull for many adults is to talk ‘at’ the teenager rather than to listen to them and to find ways for them to talk. So this course offers easy-to-use structures that enable adults to be with the teenager in a confident, non-embarrassing and effective way so that the conversation flows rather than flounders. The research shows that for many teenagers, a sense of real connectedness with just one adult in their lives is enough to end their sense of aloneness, anger, feelings of being misunderstood, and prevent them from messing up and doing to their children what was done to them (Sroufe et al, 2009). By developing key skills in connecting with young people as offered on this course, far more teenagers can go on to lead deeply fulfilling lives.

Benefits from attending this training day

  • Learn how to develop the teenager’s capacity to reflect on feelings rather than discharging them through destructive or self-destructive behaviour
  • Learn ways of addressing the teenager’s feelings and concerns, underneath defensive, threatened and mistrustful behaviour
  • Learn how to empathise in ways that validate the teenager’s experience of events rather than criticise or lecture
  • Learn how to empower the teenager to address and work through their painful life experiences in an insightful way and to enjoy talking about themselves and their relationships
  • Learn about the potency of metaphor as a means of communication
  • Explore a range of creative methods to enable teenagers to find their own means of expression and communication
Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 13 Jul 2019
Start time 10:00am
Venue Address CCMH, 2-18 Britannia Row, London N1 8PA
Amount £330
Organiser Child Mental Health Centre
Speaker David Taransaud
Contact No. 020 7354 2913
Keywords Child, Feelings, Therapeutic, Therapy
Regions Greater London