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Transdiagnostic Approaches to Imagery: A Masterclass

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Although many of us are aware of the role of mental imagery in maintaining a variety of clinical problems and use some imagery-based techniques, we can sometimes limit ourselves in the breadth and depth of the application of knowledge and techniques. For example: Do you use imagery rescripting for trauma memories but not for other problematic images? Do you consider assessing and intervening for suicidal imagery? Do you work on imagery directly with your clients but are not sure how to work metacognitively with images? Would you like to use a more comprehensive approach to understanding how and when to intervene with problematic images (or when clients have a lack of mental imagery)? This masterclass provides an overview of the use of imagery across a range of clinical presentations and across the span of CBT including assessment, formulation, clinical technique, homework and therapeutic blueprinting. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice use of formulation and intervention using clinical examples from your own field of work, and in particular to use practice to develop confidence in using a range of imagery based CBT techniques. Day 1 will focus on theory, formulation and an overview of imagery based techniques and application of these to a range of mood difficulties. We will answer why and when you would use particular techniques as well as an overview of imagery change techniques for negative imagery; metacognitive approaches and techniques for problematic imagery and building compassionate and positive imagery. Day 2 will focus in more depth on imagery techniques and skills practice.

Location Oxford
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 28 Feb 2019
Venue Address McInnes Room, Warenford Hospital, Oxford, OX3 7JX
Amount £260
Organiser OCTC
Speaker Rachel Manser, Martina Mueller, Lisa Palmer
Contact No. 01865 902801
Keywords Cognitive Behavioraltherapy (CBT), Therapy
Regions South East