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Trauma Focused Cognitive Therapy for PTSD

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This workshop presents the Ehlers and Clark (2000) cognitive model for PTSD and the effective treatment that is derived from it. The treatment focuses in three key areas: addressing the nature of the trauma memory; tackling negative appraisals and meanings; and developing more helpful coping strategies, overcoming avoidance. The memory-focused techniques include reliving/exposure, written narratives, stimulus discrimination, and site visits. Overcoming the obstacles that both patients and therapists present to using these highly effective techniques will be addressed. The timing of such techniques within an overall treatment programme will be discussed. Some of the specific cognitive approaches to working with post-trauma emotional and cognitive themes are highlighted. These include overgeneralized threat, permanent change, and meanings associated with the emotions of shame, guilt and anger. The assessment and treatment of Complex PTSD will also be addressed in this context. 

Location Cumbria
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 10 Apr 2019
Start time 9:30am
Venue Address The Daffodil Hotel and Spa, By the Lake, Keswick Road, Grasmere, Cumbria LA22 9PR
Amount £200
Organiser BABCP
Speaker Dr Nick Grey
CPD hours 12
Contact No. 0161 705 4304
Keywords Cognitive Behavioraltherapy (CBT), Psychotherapy, Therapy, Trauma
Regions North West